Wind profiler radar investigation on typhoon-orography interaction

C. J. Pan, H. C. Lai, S. S. Yang, K. K. Reddy, S. C. Chang

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Two typhoons Kaemi (200605) and Bopha (200609) crossing over Taiwan were continuously monitored by a wind profiler radar located on the lee side of the Central Mountain Range (CMR) of the island. Wind fields rotating systematically associated with the storm passage is pronounced for both typhoons. Nevertheless, significant wind shear takes place above and below the altitude of about 3.5 km owing to the mountain blocking before typhoon landing is reported in this paper for the first time. Winds deflected due to the orography behave diversely with respect to different typhoon tracks and strengths that may cause a secondary circulation to modify the original one. In this study, a moderate typhoon, Kaemi re-organizes the winds from the CMR blocking after landfall. On the other hand, weak typhoon Bopha shows a very complicated wind pattern structure from this typhoon-orography interaction. As the winds are disturbed dramatically, it dissipates over the sea soon after the typhoon center leaves Taiwan.

期刊Geophysical Research Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 28 12月 2008


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