Willingness to pay for weight-control treatment

Jin Tan Liu, Meng Wen Tsou, James K. Hammitt

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Objectives: To estimate willingness to pay (WTP) for alternative forms of weight-control treatment and evaluate how it varies with individual characteristics. Methods: Contingent valuation (CV) survey of employed females in Taiwan using double-bounded dichotomous-choice question format and telephone interview. Statistical models include an estimated correction for sample-selection bias associated with respondents' interest in weight loss. Results: Estimated WTP is strongly and positively associated with younger age, greater personal income, higher body weight, adverse personal weight perceptions, and greater peer pressure for weight control. There is a little evidence of sample-selection bias associated with the decision to lose weight. Estimated WTP for a weight-loss medicine is about US$ 12 per month, larger than estimated WTP for a low-calorie diet of about US$ 10 per month. Conclusions: WTP for weight-control treatment among women in Taiwan is significant and related to individual characteristics such as age, income, and perceptions about current and optimal weight.

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期刊Health Policy
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2009


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