Wide-range and area-selective threshold voltage tunability in ultrathin indium oxide transistors

Robert Tseng, Sung Tsun Wang, Tanveer Ahmed, Yi Yu Pan, Shih Chieh Chen, Che Chi Shih, Wu Wei Tsai, Hai Ching Chen, Chi Chung Kei, Tsung Te Chou, Wen Ching Hung, Jyh Chen Chen, Yi Hou Kuo, Chun Liang Lin, Wei Yen Woon, Szuya Sandy Liao, Der Hsien Lien

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The scaling of transistors with thinner channel thicknesses has led to a surge in research on two-dimensional (2D) and quasi-2D semiconductors. However, modulating the threshold voltage (V T) in ultrathin transistors is challenging, as traditional doping methods are not readily applicable. In this work, we introduce a optical-thermal method, combining ultraviolet (UV) illumination and oxygen annealing, to achieve broad-range V T tunability in ultrathin In2O3. This method can achieve both positive and negative V T tuning and is reversible. The modulation of sheet carrier density, which corresponds to V T shift, is comparable to that obtained using other doping and capacitive charging techniques in other ultrathin transistors, including 2D semiconductors. With the controllability of V T, we successfully demonstrate the realization of depletion-load inverter and multi-state logic devices, as well as wafer-scale V T modulation via an automated laser system, showcasing its potential for low-power circuit design and non-von Neumann computing applications.

期刊Nature Communications
出版狀態已出版 - 12月 2023


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