Wavelet-based off-line handwritten signature verification

Peter Shaohua Deng, Hong Yuan Mark Liao, Chin Wen Ho, Hsiao Rong Tyan

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In this paper, a wavelet-based off-line handwritten signature verification system is proposed. The proposed system can automatically identify useful and common features which consistently exist within different signatures of the same person and, based on these features, verify whether a signature is a forgery or not. The system starts with a closed-contour tracing algorithm. The curvature data of the traced closed contours are decomposed into multiresolutional signals using wavelet transforms. Then the zero-crossings corresponding to the curvature data are extracted as features for matching. Moreover, a statistical measurement is devised to decide systematically which closed contours and their associated frequency data of a writer are most stable and discriminating. Based on these data, the optimal threshold value which controls the accuracy of the feature extraction process is calculated. The proposed approach can be applied to both on-line and off-line signature verification systems. Experimental results show that the average success rates for English signatures and Chinese signatures are 92.57% and 93.68%, respectively.

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期刊Computer Vision and Image Understanding
出版狀態已出版 - 12月 1999


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