Veterinary herbal pharmacopoeia

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Dogs eat grass, and so do cats. Every pet owner must have noticed the grass-eating behavior of their pets. Since wild dogs and cats eat grass too, most experts believe it to be an example of evolved traits of dogs and cats to relieve their upset gastro-intestines. Based on the observation, experts go on to suggest pet owners grow in their gardens medicinal herbs, other than botanicals that could be toxic to their pets. The herbal recipes, with doses, introduced in the book are intended for the most prevalent health problems of dogs and cats; the herbs that make up the recipes are: 1) available, as dietary supplements in the U.S., in the market by cGMP-certified manufacturers; and 2) in a dosage form of granules that is easy for pets to ingest. The book therefore not only meets experts' recommendations but also fulfils veterinarians' demand of an herbal pharmacopoeia for the widest conditions of their patients.

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