Venture capital, corporate governance, and financial stability of IPO firms

Woody M. Liao, Chia Chi Lu, Hsuan Wang

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This study investigates the effects of venture capital investments on corporate governance and financial stability of IPO-firms in the emerging markets. We find that VC-backed firms have less agency problems related to excess control than non-VC-backed firms at the time of IPO, and venture capitalists are more likely to improve the excess control problem in firms with weak-governance-structure than those with strong-governance-structure. We also find that VC-backed firms are less likely to encounter financial difficulty than non-VC-backed firms. Taken together, VC investments play a role in mitigating excess control and providing positive financial stability in the emerging markets.

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期刊Emerging Markets Review
出版狀態已出版 - 3月 2014


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