V-band dual-polarised dielectric resonator antenna with bondwire feeding structures

Ta Yeh Lin, Tsenchieh Chiu, Da Chiang Chang

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In this Letter, a V-band chip-level dual-polarised dielectric resonator antenna implemented by using bondwires and silicon-based integrated passive device technology is proposed. The square-shaped resonator is fed by two bondwire coupling structures which excite two degenerate modes orthogonal to each other. The resonance of bondwire itself is also found to enhance the antenna bandwidth to cover the 60 GHz band. Reasonable agreement between the simulation and the measurement is obtained. The measured antenna bandwidth is from 52.8 to 65 GHz. The measured isolation is better than 20 dB at frequencies of interest. The measured antenna gain is 4.5 dBi at 60 GHz. The proposed design can provide further applications for circularly polarised systems.

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期刊Electronics Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 8 6月 2017


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