User advocacy and information system project performance

Eric T.G. Wang, Jamie Y.T. Chang, Jiunn Yih J. Jiang, Gary Klein

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User participation in information system projects is an established practice well backed by research. However, participation is usually considered limited to helping shape the requirements of the system being developed in order to be certain that a functional system is developed. This narrow perspective overlooks the potential of having the user be an advocate for the system to grow support among all stakeholders of the project. We build and empirically test a model that links user advocacy to project performance. The model also establishes links between two potential antecedents of user advocacy, socialization that includes training and relationship development, and extrinsic motivation. All links are positively supported by data collected from 128 matched-pairs of information system users and developers. Information system project managers are encouraged to establish reward structures and training to promote a role of advocacy for the users represented in the project team.

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期刊International Journal of Project Management
出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2011


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