Ultra-wide angle lens design with relative illumination analysis

W. S. Sun, C. L. Tien, Y. H. Chen, P. Y. Chu

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An ultra-wide angle lens design with relative illumination analysis is presented. The half field angle of 80º the relative illumination of the image plane will be reduced. It is necessary to increase the image numerical aperture ratio for X and Y direction, and decrease the angle between the chief ray and optical axis in the image space. However the ultra-wide angle lens induces great barrel distortion causing image extrusion. Therefore, we use F-theta distortion to replace optical distortion. Seven lenses and two pieces of flat glass are used for a sensor 1/6” sensor with 2.1 million pixels. The final result for the lens is a half viewing angle of 80º F/2.4, a focal length 1.1 mm, a length of 22.37 mm, F-theta distortion of less than 2%, and relative illumination greater than 83%.

期刊Journal of the European Optical Society
出版狀態已出版 - 6 2月 2016


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