Tunable Plasma Linearizer for Compensation of Nonlinear Energy Chirp

Yipeng Wu, Jianfei Hua, Zheng Zhou, Jie Zhang, Shuang Liu, Bo Peng, Yu Fang, Xiaonan Ning, Zan Nie, Qili Tian, Chih Hao Pai, Yingchao Du, Wei Lu, Warren B. Mori, Chan Joshi

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The removal of undesired nonlinear time-energy correlation (energy chirp) present in relativistic electron beams is crucial for many accelerator-based scientific applications, such as free-electron lasers, high-energy electron radiography, and MeV ultrafast electron microscopy. Here, we propose and demonstrate that a low-density plasma section can be used as a passive "linearizer"to significantly compensate for the nonlinear energy chirp imprinted on a beam by the curvature of the radio-frequency field in a conventional accelerator. Physically, the passage of the beam through the plasma excites a strong quasi-cosinoidal longitudinal decelerating wakefield that acts to mitigate the beam's nonlinear energy chirp by superimposing a reverse chirp on the beam. Time-resolved phase-space measurements, combined with high-fidelity three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations show that the longitudinal phase space of the beam core is almost completely linearized, leading to a fourfold reduction of the beam overall energy spread from 0.148% to 0.036% (FWHM).

期刊Physical Review Applied
出版狀態已出版 - 8月 2021


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