Thermodynamics and structure of liquid metals from the charged hard-sphere reference fluid

O. Akinlade, S. K. Lai, M. P. Tosi

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Perturbative variational calculations of thermodynamic and structural properties of liquid metals, based on the use of ab initio and highly reliable nonlocal pseudopotentials for the electron-ion interactions and of the fluid of charged hard spheres as a reference system, have been reported recently for the liquid alkali metals from Na to Cs near the freezing point. We extend in this work the above-mentioned calculations in two directions. Firstly, we discuss the predicted temperature dependence of the liquid structure factor for the same alkali metals over a limited temperature range above the freezing point. Secondly, we examine the usefulness of the approach for metals with relatively strong electron-ion interactions, namely Li and several polyvalent metals (Mg, Cd, Al, In, Tl and Pb). The charged hard-sphere reference system leads to lower values of the Helmholtz free energy and to slightly improved values of the excess entropy for all the liquid metals that we evaluate, even though polyvalent ones overall appear to be relatively close to fluids of neutral hard spheres. For the liquid alkali metals at elevated temperatures, the calculated structure factors are of similar quality as in our previous work, that is, they show a systematic shift in the positions of peaks and valleys to slightly larger wave numbers and peak heights that are somewhat underestimated with increasing temperature. However, for liquid polyvalent metals, our approach yields quite good agreement with experiment for the positions of maxima and minima in the liquid structure factor, while it tends to overemphasize somewhat these structures.

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期刊Physica B: Condensed Matter
出版狀態已出版 - 10月 1990


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