The Uses of a Dual‐Band Corrugated Circularly Polarized Horn Antenna for 5G Systems

Chih Kai Liu, Wei Yuan Chiang, Pei Zong Rao, Pei Hsiu Hung, Shih Hung Chen, Chiung An Chen, Liang Hung Wang, Patricia Angela R. Abu, Shih Lun Chen

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This paper presents the development of a wide‐beam width, dual‐band, omnidirectional antenna for the mm‐wave band used in 5G communication systems for indoor coverage. The 5G indoor environment includes features of wide space and short range. Additionally, it needs to function well under a variety of circumstances in order to carry out its diverse set of network applica-tions. The waveguide antenna has been designed to be small enough to meet the requirements of mm‐wave band and utilizes a corrugated horn to produce a wide beam width. Additionally, it is small enough to integrate with 5G communication products and is easy to manufacture. This design is simple enough to have multi‐feature antenna performance and is more useful for the femtocell repeater. The corrugated circularly polarized horn antenna has been designed for two frequency bands; namely, 26.5–30 GHz for the low band and 36–40 GHz for high band. The results of this study show that return‐loss is better than 18 dB for both low and high band. The peak gain is 6.1 dBi for the low band and 8.7 dBi for the high band. The beam width is 105 degrees and 77 degrees for the low band and the high band, respectively. The axial ratio is less than 5.2 dB for both low and high band. Generally, traditional circularly polarized antennas cannot meet the requirements for broadband. The designs for the antennas proposed here can meet the requirements of FR2 band-widths. This feature limits axial ratio performance. The measurement error in the current experi-ment comes from the high precision control on the size of the ridge.

出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2022


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