The Second Rainy Stage Onset in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Hai Bui-Manh, Chi Ming Peng, Yen Ta Fu, Duc Tu Dinh, Neng Huei Lin, Ming Cheng Yen

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Two distinct rainfall stages over the Central Highlands (CH) of Vietnam during the rainy season have been objectively defined using the high-resolution Vietnam Gridded Precipitation data set for 1983–2010 (28 years): a second rainy stage (SRS) embedded in the conventional rainy season. Surprisingly, the pronounced interannual variation in the SRS onset date has led to three apparent regimes: an early (late) SRS with a 1 month longer (shorter) rainfall period occurring in early July (until mid-August) and a normal SRS starting in late July. Almost all the early SRS years occur during El Niño developing phases, particularly during the Niño3.4 sea surface temperature (SST) increase from January through December. Water vapor budget analyses reveal that the interannual variation in the divergent water vapor flux is in response to the warmer July tropical Pacific SST anomalies, resulting in rainfall enhancement over the CH and eventually inducing early SRS onset.

期刊Geophysical Research Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 28 5月 2021


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