The miniature light-field camera with high spatial resolution

Yen Chun Chen, Wei Lun Hsu, Meng Qi Xie, Hsiao Hsuan Yang, Yuan Chieh Cheng, Chih Ming Wang

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A light-field camera is an optical system that provides multi-field-angle information in one shot. The microlens array (MLA) in a light-field camera system is the key to provide multi-field-angle information. However, its numerical aperture limits the microlens’ spatial resolution and the image’s quality. We proposed a new microlens array for the light-field camera in this work. This MLA consists of one larger primary microlens and 72 satellite microlenses, simultaneously providing high-resolution image information from different angles. Moreover, this MLA can be easily fabricated by nanoimprint at a low cost. The measured spatial resolution of the primary microlens is 53.74 lp/mm higher than satellite microlens when MTF = 0.3. Finally, a one-shot photograph of a light-field camera shows one high-resolution and other views from different angles of the bear doll. The high-resolution light-field camera has great potential to apply in object ranging and face recognition in the future.

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期刊Optical Review
出版狀態已出版 - 4月 2023


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