The glocalisation of channels of distribution: A case study

Megha Jain, Shadab Khalil, Angelina Nhat Hanh Le, Julian Ming Sung Cheng

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Purpose: This study aims to provide insights into glocalisation of international channels of distribution. The study also seeks to identify the key principles and patterns of glocalisation in general. Design/methodology/approach: The authors utilise the single case study approach to study glocalisation in international channels of distribution by conducting in-depth interviews with the firm's senior executives. Findings: Results reveal that the firm employs glocal channels of distribution strategies. The study specifically identifies two types of glocalisation: inter-decision and intra-decision, and it is found that the firm follows a combination of both. The findings also suggest that the decision on how to glocalise channel strategies is based upon the firm's global practices as well as several local conditions specific to individual markets. Practical implications: The study concludes that there is no uniform formula to pursue glocalisation. Firms may choose to pursue inter-decision or intra-decision glocalisation, or a combination of both. However, the decision should be based on a careful assessment of the firm's global philosophy, the channel decision involved, and ground realities in each market. Originality/value: The study shows how glocalisation can be applied to international channel strategies. The study fills the gap in prior literature by throwing light on the lesser understood "global dimension" of a glocal strategy. The study may be the first to identify different types of glocal strategies and thus offers relevant insights into the concept of glocalisation. The study also adds to the limited knowledge on practicable application of glocalisation among both academics and practitioners.

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期刊Management Decision
出版狀態已出版 - 3月 2012


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