The dynamics of wet granular matter under a vertical vibration bed

S. S. Hsiau, C. C. Liao, C. H. Tai, C. Y. Wang

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This study investigates the dynamic properties of convection rolls in a 2D wet vibrated granular bed. A particle tracking method with the help of image-processing technology was used to measure the velocity fields, convection flow rate, and the granular temperatures in the wet vibrated granular bed. This study examines the dynamic behaviors of wet granular materials subjected to external vertical vibration. Different liquid contents, viscosities, and surface tensions were added to glass beads forming cohesive granular materials in the vibrated granular bed. This study presents a systematic investigation of the effects of the addition of liquid content, viscosity, and surface tension on dynamic properties of wet particulates. Results show that the convection flow rate and granular temperature decrease monotonically as the added liquid content and liquid viscosity increase. However, the effects of surface tension on the convection flow rate are more significant at the smaller liquid content than that at a higher liquid content. The convection flow rate also decreases in a power decay as the modified Bond number increases.

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期刊Granular Matter
出版狀態已出版 - 8月 2013


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