The development of a real-time image guided micro electroplating system

Ting Chao Chen, Yean Ren Hwang, Jing Chie Lin, Yong Jie Ciou

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A real-time image guided continuous micro-electroplating system equipped with four elements, such as a Charge-coupled Device camera (CCD camera), a magnifier lens, a micro-stepper motor controller, and micro-electroplating device, is proposed in this paper. To maintain the electroplating quality, the system continuously controls the micro-stepper motor and keeps constant gap distance between the micro-anode and copper specimen. In the process of electroplating, chemical reactions would generate oxygen bubbles automatically thus to deteriorate captured images. To solve the bubble issue, a real-time image of the distance between the copper column tip and the anode captured by a CCD camera is used to determine and adjust the cathode position. Besides, four statistic judging criterions are used and compared to determine the bubble-free images. Based on the processing time and accurate rate, the algorithm using entropy index is proposed in this paper for real-time control. From the experiment results, a real-time image guided micro electroplating system does produce better structure, better uniformity and better finishing surface of the specimens compared to those by previous intermittent electroplating setup.

頁(從 - 到)1810-1820
期刊International Journal of Electrochemical Science
出版狀態已出版 - 12月 2010


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