Technology enhanced language learning in virtual worlds

Tosti H.C. Chiang, Tom T.C. Tsai, Irene Y.S. Li, Indy Y.T. Hsiao, Stephen J.H. Yang

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The application of Information Technology makes distance learning possible. Teachers can teach students who live in another side of the globe via Internet. They can see each others' images and hear each others' voices, which could not be done twenty years ago, through Internet. With the development of Internet, students can learn without the limitations of time and space. American Society for Training and Development proposed that digital learning includes learning through Internet, learning by computers, learning in virtual classrooms, and digital cooperation. The digitalized course contents can be transmitted via Internet, local or global networks, audio books, videotapes, satellite, interactive televisions, and compact disks.

主出版物標題Intelligent and Adaptive Learning Systems
主出版物子標題Technology Enhanced Support for Learners and Teachers
發行者IGI Global
出版狀態已出版 - 2011


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