Study of wetting reaction between eutectic AuSn and Au foil

Y. T. Lai, C. Y. Liu

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Wetting reactions between eutectic AuSn solder and Au foil have been studied. During the reflow process, Au foil dissolution occurred at the interface of AuSn/Au, which increases with temperature and time. The activation energy for Au dissolution in molten AuSn solder is determined to be 41.7 kJ/mol. Au5Sn is the dominant interfacial compound phase formed at the interface. The activation energy for the growth of interfacial Au5Sn phase layer is obtained to be 54.3 kJ/mol over the temperature range 360-440°C. The best wettability of molten AuSn solder balls on Au foils occurred at 390°C (wetting angle is about 25°). Above 390°C, the higher solder oxidation rate retarded the wetting of the molten AuSn solder.

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期刊Journal of Electronic Materials
出版狀態已出版 - 1月 2006


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