Students's acceptance toward the use of mobile learning in fractions

I. N. Rochmah, W. Y. Hwang, Priyanto

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Most of the fifth-grade students have been familiar with mobile technology and commonly use it to play games. Accordingly, the school do not allow fifth-grade students to bring or operate mobile technology while they are at school in order to keep students' attention on learning. However, during the pandemic COVID-19 condition, the government demands students to learn from home. Thus, one solution is using mobile technology to maintain communication and interaction between students and teachers during teaching and learning activities from home. The present study developed a mobile application, called U-Fraction, to assist students in the mobile learning process. The developed application was associated with authentic learning so that students could have stronger understanding of the real-world problems. Students' perception toward the mobile learning supported by U-Fraction were measured using TAM with partial least square analysis. The result shows that students tended to use this mobile application for mobile learning. Students also believed that the use of U-Fraction for mobile learning could help their learning process.

期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態已出版 - 17 3月 2021
事件3rd International Conference on Vocational Education and Technology, IConVET 2020 - Bali, Virtual, Indonesia
持續時間: 7 11月 2020 → …


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