Structural complexities in a foreland thrust belt inherited from the shelf-slope transition: Insights from the alishan area of taiwan

Joaquina Alvarez-Marron, Dennis Brown, Giovanni Camanni, Yih Min Wu, Kuo Chen Hao

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The Alishan area of Taiwan spans the transition from the platform with full thickness of the Eurasian continental margin in the north to the thinning crust of its slope in the south. This part of the foreland thrust and fold belt includes important along-strike changes in structure, stratigraphy, and seismic velocities. In this paper we present the results of new geological mapping from which we build geological cross sections both across and along the regional structural trend. Fault contour, stratigraphic cutoff, and branch line maps provide 3-D consistency between the cross sections. Minimum shortening is estimated to be ~∼15km with displacement overall to the northwest. A P wave velocity model helps constrain the structure at depth by providing insight into the possible rock units that are present there. P wave velocities of ≥5.2km/s point toward the presence of basement rocks in the shallow subsurface throughout much of the southeastern part of the area, forming a basement culmination. The changes in strike of thrusts and fold axial traces, the changing elevation of thrusts and stratigraphic contacts, and the growing importance of Middle Miocene sediments that take place from north to south are interpreted to be associated with a roughly northeast striking lateral structure coincident with the northern flank of this basement culmination. These transverse structures appear to be associated with the inversion of Eocene- and Miocene-age extensional faults along what was the shelf-slope transition in the Early Oligocene, uplifting the margin sediments and their higher P wave velocity basement during Pliocene-Pleistocene thrusting. Key Points Mapping in Taiwan gives information on fault reactivation at shelf-slope break Identify an important, northeast striking lateral structure P wave model points to the presence of a basement culmination

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