Smart sensor systems for human health breath monitoring applications

G. W. Hunter, J. C. Xu, A. M. Biaggi-Labiosa, D. Laskowski, P. K. Dutta, S. P. Mondal, B. J. Ward, D. B. Makel, C. C. Liu, C. W. Chang, R. A. Dweik

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Breath analysis techniques offer a potential revolution in health care diagnostics, especially if these techniques can be brought into standard use in the clinic and at home. The advent of microsensors combined with smart sensor system technology enables a new generation of sensor systems with significantly enhanced capabilities and minimal size, weight and power consumption. This paper discusses the microsensor/smart sensor system approach and provides a summary of efforts to migrate this technology into human health breath monitoring applications. First, the basic capability of this approach to measure exhaled breath associated with exercise physiology is demonstrated. Building from this foundation, the development of a system for a portable asthma home health care system is described. A solid-state nitric oxide (NO) sensor for asthma monitoring has been identified, and efforts are underway to miniaturize this NO sensor technology and integrate it into a smart sensor system. It is concluded that base platform microsensor technology combined with smart sensor systems can address the needs of a range of breath monitoring applications and enable new capabilities for healthcare.

期刊Journal of Breath Research
出版狀態已出版 - 9月 2011


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