Smart object reminders with RFID and mobile technologies

Hui Huang Hsu, Cheng Ning Lee, Jason C. Hung, Timothy K. Shih

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In this paper, we present a reminder system that sends a reminder list to the user's mobile device based on the history data collected from the same user and the events in the user's calendar on that day. The system provides an individualized service. The list is to remind the user with objects he/she might have forgotten at home. The objects that the user brings along with are detected by passive RFID technology. Objects are classified into three different levels based on their frequencies in the history data. Rules of the three levels are then followed to decide if a certain object should be in the reminder list or not. A feedback mechanism is also designed to lower the possibility of unnecessary reminding.

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期刊Mobile Information Systems
出版狀態已出版 - 2011


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