Si1−xGex photodiode with segregated Ge nanocrystals

Yao Tsung Ouyang, Hsien Chien Hsieh, Po Chen Lin, Tsan Hsien Tseng, Ching Shun Ku, Hsin Yi Lee, Albert T. Wu

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P-N junction diodes with excellent rectifying characteristics were prepared by segregating the Ge nanocrystals of Si1−xGex thin films deposited by co-sputtering. The current-voltage characteristics in darkness and under illumination were studied. The correlation between the p-n junction performance and the microstructure of the films is discussed, and the rectifying property became stronger as the fraction of Ge in the Si1−xGex films increased. The optical bandgap can be tuned by controlling the grain size in Ge and SiGe nanocrystals. The graded structure of the Si1−xGex photodiode is proposed to widen the light absorption region. The concept can be used to design high-efficiency photodiodes.

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期刊Materials Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 1 12月 2016


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