Simulation and correction of angular defects in two-photon lithography

Chin Te Lin, Hsu Fan, Michel Bouriau, Chao Yaug Liao, Chih Lang Lin, Cédrîc Masclet, Jean Claude Léon, Tien Tung Chung, Patrice L. Baldeck

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In two-photon lithography a high repetition rate laser scans through calculated trajectories in order to induce polymerization in the resin which give rise to complex microstructures. When there are sharp angles within trajectories, the polymerized resin at angles receives more energy from the laser. The polymerized structure becomes larger, and the produced shape gets over-exposure defects. Here we have modeled over exposure defects using numerical simulations and suggested an analytical expression to calculate the correcting coefficients for adjusting laser power. We have demonstrated over exposure defect of free angular structures using this laser power correction.

頁(從 - 到)651-655
期刊Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 2011


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