Silicon photodiodes in standard CMOS technology

Fang Ping Chou, Guan Yu Chen, Ching Wen Wang, Yu Chang Liu, Wei Kuo Huang, Yue Ming Hsin

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Silicon photodiodes (PDs) of 850-nm-wavelength, in standard 0.18-μm CMOS technology, are systematically presented and discussed in this study. A basic p-n PD can obtain high responsivity of 0.3 A/W and response of 1.6 GHz while biasing in the avalanche process. However, Si PDs from different CMOS foundries would result in different performance due to the different n-/p-well doping profile. A basic p-n PD with body contact can effectively remove the slow diffusion carrier in the Si substrate and demonstrate improved response. Both body contact and deep n-well design in an octagonal PD can improve the performance of basic p-n PD significantly. The response is improved to 8.7 GHz with 0.8 A/W before breakdown. The improvement is due to the block and elimination of slow diffusion carriers in the Si substrate. Finally, Si PD with built-in n-p-n bipolar junction transistor and edge-coupled PD are proposed to further improve responsivity and response.

頁(從 - 到)730-740
期刊IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
出版狀態已出版 - 5月 2011


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