Seven-color photometry of the open cluster NGC 2395 area

J. Zdanavičius, K. Zdanavičius, V. Straižys, A. Kazlauskas, K. Černis, C. W. Chen, W. P. Chen, R. P. Boyle, G. Tautvaišiene

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The area of the open cluster NGC 2395 in Gemini is investigated by CCD photometry in the Vilnius seven-color system. Magnitudes, color indices, photometric spectral types, color excesses, interstellar extinctions and distances are determined for 163 stars down to V = 15.75 mag in the 25' diameter area. Twenty stars at a mean distance of 410 pc are suspected to be cluster members. The main sequence starts at the spectral class F5. Two evolved F5 stars and two red giants are present; the cluster's age should be about 1.5 Gyr. The suspected cluster stars show a differential interstellar extinction ranging from 0.0 to 0.6 mag. Interstellar extinction in the area starts at about the cluster's distance. At larger distances the observed extinction values are scattered between zero and 0.7 mag. Among the suspected cluster members only two K dwarfs are present. It is possible that NGC 2395 has suffered significantly from Galactic tidal distortion on its low-mass star content.

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期刊Baltic Astronomy
出版狀態已出版 - 2004


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