Selenization of CIGS films with different Cu-In-Ga alloy precursors

Wei Ting Lin, Sheng Hui Chen, Shin Hao Chan, Chung Lun Hsieh, Sung Cheng Hu, Yung Tien Lu, Hsiang Chun Cheng

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CIG precursors were deposited on the glass from the Cu-Ga alloy and Indium targets by co-sputtering method. The results show that when the sputtering pressure was increased, the surface morphology was changed from a roughness island-crystalline (RMS=165 nm) to a smaller pellet-crystalline (RMS=54.4 nm). At the same time the Cu/(In+Ga) ratio was increased. So, the crystallization of Cu11In9 phase was increasing and CuIn2 phase was decreasing in the CIG precursor. Then, a layer of selenium was coated on the precursor and the precursor was selenized using RTA selenization of 600°C. The results show a good stoichiometric and crystallization under the parameters of the sputtering pressure at 4.2 mTorr of CIG precursors.

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期刊Procedia Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 2012
事件2011 IUMRS International Conference in Asia, ICA 2011 - Taipei, Taiwan
持續時間: 19 9月 201122 9月 2011


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