Secure IoT-based, incentive-aware emergency personnel dispatching scheme withweighted fine-grained access control

Lo Yao Yeh, Woei Jiunn Tsaur, Hsin Han Huang

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Emergency response times following a traffic accident are extremely crucial in reducing the number of trafficrelated deaths. Existing emergency vehicle dispatching systems rely heavily on manual assignments. Although some technology-assisted emergency systems engage in emergency message dissemination and path planning, efficient emergency response is one of the main factors that can decrease traffic-related deaths. Obviously, effective emergency response often plays a far more important role in a successful rescue. In this article, we propose a secure IoT-based and incentive-aware emergency personnel dispatching scheme (EPDS) with weighted fine-grained access control. Our EPDS can recruit available medical personnel on-the-fly, such as physicians driving in the vicinity of the accident scene. An appropriate incentive, such as paid leave, can be offered to encourage medical personnel to join rescue missions. Furthermore, IoT-based devices are installed in vehicles or wearable on drivers to gather biometric signals from the driver, which can be used to decide precisely which divisions or physicians are needed to administer the appropriate remedy. Additionally, our scheme can cryptographically authorize the assigned rescue vehicle to control traffic to increase rescue efficacy. Our scheme also takes advantage of adjacent roadside units to organize the appropriate rescue personnel without requiring long-distance communication with a trusted traffic authority. Proof of security is provided and extensive analyses, including qualitative and quantitative analyses and simulations, show that the proposed scheme can significantly improve rescue response time and effectiveness. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to make use of medical personnel that are close by in emergency rescue missions.

期刊ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 9月 2017


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