Searching for be stars in the open cluster NGC 663

P. C. Yu, C. C. Lin, W. P. Chen, C. D. Lee, W. H. Ip, C. C. Ngeow, Russ Laher, Jason Surace, Shrinivas R. Kulkarni

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We present Be star candidates in the open cluster NGC 663, identified by Hα imaging photometry with the Palomar Transient Factory Survey, as a pilot program to investigate how the Be star phenomena, the emission spectra, extended circumstellar envelopes, and fast rotation, correlate with massive stellar evolution. Stellar membership of the candidates was verified by 2MASS magnitudes and colors and by proper motions (PMs). We discover four new Be stars and exclude one known Be star from being a member due to its inconsistent PMs. The fraction of Be stars to member stars [N(Be)/N(members)] in NGC 663 is 3.5%. The spectral type of the 34 Be stars in NGC 663 shows bimodal peaks at B0 -B2 and B5-B7, which is consistent with the statistics in most star clusters. Additionally, we also discover 23 emission-line stars of different types, including non-member Be stars, dwarfs, and giants.

期刊Astronomical Journal
出版狀態已出版 - 1 2月 2015


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