Research Development on Assistive Technology: A Network and Concept-Linking Analysis

Chien wen Shen, Agnieszka Maria Koziel, Tso hsuan Yeh

研究成果: 書貢獻/報告類型會議論文篇章同行評審


This study aims to provide an in-depth understanding of assistive technology (AT) research development by investigating relationships between related keywords and concepts and uncovering how trends change over time. This study employed network analysis to identify the relationships between frequently cited papers and keywords in the AT literature and concept-linking analysis to uncover the key concepts and classifies them into clusters determining the changing trends in AT research. The network analysis results on author keywords co-occurrence and citation indicate that the development trend of AT is primarily observed in medicine and is related to medical devices used in rehabilitation or available for disabled and people for well-being improvement. Meanwhile, the concept linking analysis identifies seven groups of key AT concepts, including technical issues, education, health and disability, policy, user/people, and ways/medium. We also depict the yearly changes of the key concepts in AT research development. This research extracts the strongest key concepts, the most productive authors and countries, and the connecting relationship between authors and literature within the big data. It provides a comprehensive view of temporal patterns of AT developments and their development in terms of human–computer interactions.

主出版物標題Research and Innovation Forum 2022 - Rupture, Resilience and Recovery in the Post-Covid World
編輯Anna Visvizi, Orlando Troisi, Mara Grimaldi
發行者Springer Science and Business Media B.V.
出版狀態已出版 - 2023
事件Research and Innovation Forum, Rii Forum 2023 - Cracow, Poland
持續時間: 12 4月 2023 → …


名字Springer Proceedings in Complexity


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