Renaturation and interaction of ribonuclease A with AOT surfactant in reverse micelles

Wen Yih Chen, Ya Wen Lee, Shin Chun Lin, Ching Wen Ho

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This study extended works on effects of solute on the percolation of reverse micelles to the effects of interactions between protein and surfactants on protein refolding by reverse micelles. The changes in percolation behavior were identified and attributed to the position of solutes in the core aqueous phase and the interaction between the solute and the surfactants. The percolation behavior of reverse micelles with solutes was related to protein renaturation and the reverse micelle. This study aims to highlight the involvement of the interface and the interaction of the protein with the surfactant during protein refolding. Ribonuclease A and AOT reverse micelles together constitute a model system considered here. The systemic parameters of the reverse micelle, water content (Wo) and pH value, were applied to modify the interaction between the denatured protein molecules and the surfactant interface. The interactions and the locations of the protein molecules were determined from changes in percolation temperature measured by conductivity. The percolation and protein activity show that a stronger interaction of the protein molecules with surfactant corresponds to superior recovery of protein activity. The investigation concludes that the refolding of protein by reverse micelles is not only facilitated by the isolation of reverse micelles but also by the interaction due to the interface of the reverse micelle.

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期刊Biotechnology Progress
出版狀態已出版 - 11月 2002


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