Removal of dust particles from fuel gas using a moving granular bed filter

Yi Shun Chen, Shu San Hsiau, Jiri Smid, Jian Feng Wu, Sheng Ming Ma

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The goal of this study is to evaluate the performance of a moving granular bed filter designed to filter out dust particles. We investigate the flow patterns of the filter granules, and the filtration efficiency under different inlet dust concentrations, but with a fixed filtration superficial velocity and mass flow rate of filter granules. All filtration system experiments were performed at room temperature. A vertical shift of louvers on the inlet or outlet wall of the filter could be an appropriate solution to diminish the stagnant zones. The results of a study of the flow patterns and velocity fields of filter granules in a 2-D cross-flow moving granular bed system with vertically shifting louvers is presented. In addition, the results of cold tests show that using a higher dust concentration of 15,000 ppmw and a fixed-bed mode, the overall porosity of the filter granules decreased and the filter resistance and the filtration efficiency increased, with an increase in the amount of smaller-sized filter granules in a 3-D bed.

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出版狀態已出版 - 15 10月 2016


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