Recent Advances on Electrochemical Biosensing Strategies toward Universal Point-of-Care Systems

Yifan Dai, Chung Chiun Liu

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A number of very recently developed electrochemical biosensing strategies are promoting electrochemical biosensing systems into practical point-of-care applications. The focus of research endeavors has transferred from detection of a specific analyte to the development of general biosensing strategies that can be applied for a single category of analytes, such as nucleic acids, proteins, and cells. In this Minireview, recent cutting-edge research on electrochemical biosensing strategies are described. These developments resolved critical challenges regarding the application of electrochemical biosensors to practical point-of-care systems, such as rapid readout, simple biosensor fabrication method, ultra-high detection sensitivity, direct analysis in a complex biological matrix, and multiplexed target analysis. This Minireview provides general guidelines both for scientists in the biosensing research community and for the biosensor industry on development of point-of-care system, benefiting global healthcare.

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期刊Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
出版狀態已出版 - 2 9月 2019


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