Radiation aspects of geomagnetic storm impact below the radiation belt

A. V. Suvorova, A. V. Dmitriev

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The spectrum of phenomena produced by geomagnetic storms in the near Earths environment is gradually widened as observational data increase. One of them is significant enhancements of energetic electrons (>10 keV) revealed recently in the forbidden zone below the radiation belt. A comprehensive analysis of the forbiddenelectron enhancements during major and recurrent magnetic storms in solar cycles 23 and 24 was conducted on the base of experimental data acquired from low-orbiting satellites from 1998 to 2014. A possible mechanism of the phenomenon is discussed. Knowledge of where and when such environmental events will occur can be used for bothspace physics and applied researches. We focus on the following radiation aspects of the electron enhancement problem with a short review for each item: 1) ionization impact of 10-30 keV electrons in the ionosphere;2) X-ray and gamma-ray contaminations by 100-300 keV electrons to astrophysical observation on board loworbiting satellites; 3) possible effects of energetic electrons in satellite anomalies attributed to low-orbit radiation environment.

主出版物標題Cyclonic and Geomagnetic Storms
主出版物子標題Predicting Factors, Formation and Environmental Impacts
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