Psychographic and demographic segmentation and customer profiling in mobile fintech services

Agnieszka Maria Koziel, Chien wen Shen

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Purpose: This research aims to comprehend the factors that impact the emerging inclination of consumers toward mobile finance technology (fintech) services over banking institutions. The study focuses on users' demographics and psychographics to delineate their unique segments and profiles. Design/methodology/approach: The study proposes a segmentation and profiling framework that includes variance analysis, two-step cluster analysis and pairwise statistical tests. This framework is applied to a dataset of customers using a range of mobile fintech services, specifically robo-investment, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, robo-advisory and digital savings. The analysis creates distinct customer profile clusters, which are later validated using pairwise statistical tests based on segmentation output. Findings: Empirical results reveal that P2P payment service users exhibit a higher frequency of usage, proficiency and intention to continue using the service compared to users of robo-investment or digital savings platforms. In contrast, individuals utilizing robo-advisory services are identified to have a significantly greater familiarity and intention to sustain engagement with the service compared to digital savings users. Practical implications: The findings provide financial institutions, especially traditional banks with actionable insights into their customer base. This information enables them to identify specific customer needs and preferences, thereby allowing them to tailor products and services accordingly. Ultimately, this understanding may strategically position traditional banks to maintain competitiveness amidst the increasing prominence of fintech enterprises. Originality/value: This research provides an in-depth examination of customer segments and profiles within the mobile fintech services sphere, thus giving a nuanced understanding of customer behavior and preferences and generating practical recommendations for banks and other financial institutions. This study thereby sets the stage for further research and paves the way for developing personalized products and services in the evolving fintech landscape.

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