Preventive Interface Management for Design-Build Wireless Train Control Mass Rapid Transit Projects

Huei Huang Yeh, Ting Ya Hsieh, Jieh Haur Chen, Hsin Tsang Peng

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Traditional interface design integration for a mass rapid transit (MRT) project focuses on the integration needs of specified interface requirements among civil and electrical and mechanical (E&M) subsystems. This approach does not differentiate in terms of how to fit all physical interfaces of the chosen E&M specifications into designated civil designs without preassessing engineering necessities upon subsystems' interdependencies. When designs are completed, all engineering interfaces are embedded and require time and resources to manage during construction. This study aims to propose a series of interface design criteria for guiding the latest MRT project design, which is adapting a driverless automation train control system. By performing a thorough review of previous MRT construction interface issues including failure experiences, the types of recurrent interface dependencies for generalizing reusable interface design criteria are identified systematically. Two design-build (DB) MRT cases have been used to demonstrate the preventive interface design approach and its benefits. The findings of this research contribute to the engineering interface management body of knowledge for showing great potential in saving construction time and resources for future DB MRT projects.

期刊Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities
出版狀態已出版 - 1 2月 2020


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