Preparation of fiber-type cathode and its electrode characteristics for sodium ion battery

Yi Hung Liu, Tomoaki Takasaki, Kazuya Nishimura, Shiori Katsura, Masahiro Yanagida, Tetsuo Sakaia

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Fiber-type cathodes composed of Na-Mn-O for use in a sodium ion battery were developed. The active material was synthesized onto carbon fibers by a two-step procedure that included electrodeposition and hydrothermal reactions. The active material shapes were changed depending on the experimental conditions. The scale-shaped material composed of the Na0.91MnO 2 phase was formed by the electrodeposition in an Mn(NO 3)2 solution, while the circular-shaped one was obtained in the MnSO4 solution. The addition of H2O2 and increase in the hydrothermal temperature helped to decrease the unreacted precursor phase. The scale-shaped cathode mainly composed of the Na 0.91MnO2 phase exhibited the highest 185 mAh/g discharge capacity among the fiber-type Na-Mn-O electrodes, indicating that this active material is beneficial for the intercalation and deintercalation of sodium ions. In addition, both the scale-shaped and string-shaped cathodes exhibited similar rate and cycling performances.

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期刊Journal of the Electrochemical Society
出版狀態已出版 - 2014


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