Practice and prospect of digital schools

Tak Wai Chan, Calvin Chang Yen Liao, Hercy Nien Heng Cheng, Wan Chen Chang, Tzu Chao Chien

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Although the notion of one-to-one learning technology is a recent development, its impact on schools has thus far been limited. To develop a feasible model for digital schools based on one-to-one learning technology, the present study employed an adoption-based research methodology to investigate how students, teachers, and parents have engaged with digital learning platforms since 2009. Through the process of understanding their willingness to use digital learning platforms as well as reasons for changing for better learning and teaching, the researchers gradually developed digital learning models and corresponding platforms. The study objectives are described as follows: (1) to facilitate students’ active participation in self-directed learning and collaborative learning by using various digital resources; (2) to assist teachers in developing their capabilities for adopting digital teaching in classrooms; and (3) to assist parents in helping their children through appropriate use of digital devices. Based on these objectives, the present study established the first digital school in Taiwan using a bring-your-own-device model, where parents prepare personal tablet computers for their children. The results show that learning outcomes significantly improved among the students. In addition, the teachers transformed the paradigm of learning and teaching in classrooms, and the parents developed trust in digital learning. Based on these outcomes, the model designed in this study could be used in schools in the future.

期刊Journal of Research in Education Sciences
出版狀態已出版 - 2017


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