Plasmon Tuning of Liquid Gallium Nanoparticles through Surface Anodization

Chih Yao Chen, Ching Yun Chien, Chih Ming Wang, Rong Sheng Lin, I. Chen Chen

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In this work, tunable plasmonic liquid gallium nanoparticles (Ga NPs) were prepared through surface anodizing of the particles. Shape deformation of the Ga NPs accompanied with dimpled surface topographies could be induced during electrochemical anodization, and the formation of the anodic oxide shell helps maintain the resulting change in the particle shape. The nanoscale dimple-like textures led to changes in the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) wavelength. A maximal LSPR red-shift of ~77 nm was preliminarily achieved using an anodization voltage of 0.7 V. The experimental results showed that an increase in the oxide shell thickness yielded a negligible difference in the observed LSPR, and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations also suggested that the LSPR tunability was primarily determined by the shape of the deformed particles. The extent of particle deformation could be adjusted in a very short period of anodization time (~7 s), which offers an efficient way to tune the LSPR response of Ga NPs.

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