Photocatalytic removal of trichloroethylene from water with LaFeO3

Yen Chen Hsu, Shu Hao Chang, Wei Chieh Chung, Moo Been Chang

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Tricholorethylene (TCE) has been recognized as second common organic pollutant found in groundwater in Taiwan. Several advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) have been applied for TCE removal and photocatalytic is one of promising AOP techniques. In this study, LaFeO3 is successfully synthesized via sol-gel method and investigated for its photocatalytic oxidation rate toward TCE in water. Experimental results indicate that 95% removal efficiency of TCE can be achieved in aqueous solution with LaFeO3 (2 g/L) as photocatalyst within 1 h of Xenon lamp illumination. Additionally, the influences of initial TCE concentration, light intensity, photocatalyst loading, and pH value on the TCE removal efficiency are evaluated as well. The highest energy efficiency obtained in this study is 10.8 mg TCE/kWh and the value is higher than those reported in previous studies. Besides, removal mechanisms have been identified and the results indicate that the overall removal efficiency reaches 82%, with adsorption and photolysis accounting for 20% and 39%, respectively.

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期刊Environmental Science and Pollution Research
出版狀態已出版 - 1 9月 2019


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