Personal authentication using palm-print features

Chin Chuan Han, Hsu Liang Cheng, Chih Lung Lin, Kuo Chin Fan

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Biometrics-based authentication is a verification approach using the biological features inherent in each individual. They are processed based on the identical, portable, and arduous duplicate characteristics. In this paper, we propose a scanner-based personal authentication system by using the palm-print features. It is very suitable in many network-based applications. The authentication system consists of enrollment and verification stages. In the enrollment stage, the training samples are collected and processed by the pre-processing, feature extraction, and modeling modules to generate the matching templates. In the verification stage, a query sample is also processed by the pre-processing and feature extraction modules, and then is matched with the reference templates to decide whether it is a genuine sample or not. The region of interest (ROI) for each sample is first obtained from the pre-processing module. Then, the palm-print features are extracted from the ROI by using Sobel and morphological operations. The reference templates for a specific user are generated in the modeling module. Last, we use the template-matching and the backpropagation neural network to measure the similarity in the verification stage. Experimental results verify the validity of our proposed approaches in personal authentication.

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期刊Pattern Recognition
出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2003


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