Person authentication by air-writing using 3D sensor and time order stroke context

Lee Wen Chiu, Jun Wei Hsieh, Chin Rong Lai, Hui Fen Chiang, Shyi Chy Cheng, Kuo Chin Fan

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This paper proposes touch-less system to use air-written signatures for person authentication. This smart system can verify a person’s ID without using any mouse, touch panels, or keyboards. It benefits from a 3D sensor to capture a user’s signature in air and then verifies his ID via a novel reverse time-ordered shape context. This backward representation can effectively filter out redundant lifting-up strokes and thus simplify the matching process as a path finding problem. As features to analyze a user’s signature more accurately, the rates of turning point and curvature are also embedded into this representation. Then, with a weighting scheme, the path finding problem can be solved in real time via a dynamic time warping technique. Another challenging problem is the multiplicity problem which means a signature is not always written the same due to users’ practices and moods. Thus, an agglomerative hierarchical clustering scheme is adopted to cluster users’ signatures into different subclasses. Each subclass represents different within-class variations. Another key issues is the criterion to determine the threshold for verifying and then passing a user’s signature. Experimental results proves the average within-class distance can gain the best accuracy. The proposed solution achieves quite satisfactory authentication accuracy (more than 93.5%) even though no starting gesture is required.

主出版物標題Smart Multimedia - 1st International Conference, ICSM 2018, Revised Selected Papers
編輯Stefano Berretti, Anup Basu
發行者Springer Verlag
出版狀態已出版 - 2018
事件1st International Conference on Smart Multimedia, ICSM 2018 - Toulon, France
持續時間: 24 8月 201826 8月 2018


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