Performance enhancement of SBR applying real-time control

R. F. Yu, S. L. Liaw, W. Y. Cheng, C. N. Chang

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This paper presents the applications of a real-time oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and pH control system to enhance the system performance of a continuous-inflow sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The real-time controlled SBR showed better performances than sequential control regarding substrate removal efficiency and cost reduction. In substrate removal efficiency, good COD, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, and NH4+ removals were achieved by real-time and conventional sequential controlled systems. However, the poor removal of total nitrogen caused by incomplete denitrification in the sequential controlled SBR was improved significantly to 91% by real-time control. Moreover, in contrast with sequential controlled SBR, the real-time controlled SBR can save 14-32% of aeration energy and 11-29% of reactor capacity. Observation of nitrogen compound variations showed nitrites accumulated during the aerobic phase of the real-time controlled SBR. In addition, the kinetics of nitrification and denitrification also proved that the real-time controlled SBR performed the nitrite-type nitrification, which was identified as the key-point of system performance enhancement in the real-time controlled SBR.

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期刊Journal of Environmental Engineering
出版狀態已出版 - 10月 2000


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