Pattern of vertical engineering collaboration between foundry and design service provider

Yea Huey Su, Ruey Shan Guo, Chia Hsien Hsiao

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As IC design and manufacturing complexities continue to increase exponentially, it is becoming less practical for a single company to provide products and services without collaborated partners. The goal of this research is then to explore how foundries and design service providers collaborate with each other under the new business paradigm. By conducting field interviews and empirical study on six collaboration cases, this research proposes four different collaboration patterns, which are: Complementary-Equity collaboration pattern, Agent-Equity collaboration pattern, Complementary-Nonequity collaboration pattern, and Agent-nonequity collaboration pattern. There are several findings: 1) When both parties have stronger complementary assets relationship, the transaction cost is lower and the relationship is more stable; 2) Long-term partnership and timing governance mechanism reduce negotiation effort and facilitate quick time-to-market; 3) Closer collaboration process can significantly reduce the errors in design project.

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期刊IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference Proceedings
出版狀態已出版 - 2005
事件IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing, Conference Proceedings - San Jose, CA, United States
持續時間: 13 9月 200515 9月 2005


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