Pair production in Reissner-Nordström-Anti de Sitter black holes

Jun Zhang, Yi Yu Lin, Hao Chun Liang, Ke Jia Chi, Chiang Mei Chen, Sang Pyo Kim, Jia Rui Sun

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We studied the pair production of charged scalar particles of a five-dimensional near extremal Reissner-Nordström-Anti de Sitter (RN-AdS5) black hole. The pair production rate and the absorption cross section ratio in full spacetime are obtained and are shown to have a concise relation with their counterparts in the near horizon region. In addition, the holographic descriptions of the pair production, both in the IR CFT in the near horizon region and the UV CFT at the asymptotic spatial boundary of the RN-AdS5 black hole, are analyzed in the AdS2/CFT1 and AdS5/CFT4 correspondences, respectively. This work gives a complete description of scalar pair production in a near extremal RN-AdS5 black hole.

期刊Chinese Physics C
出版狀態已出版 - 6月 2021


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