Overview of results from PHOBOS experiment at RHIC

Andrzej Olszewski, B. B. Back, M. D. Baker, D. S. Barton, R. R. Betts, R. Bindel, A. Budzanowski, W. Busza, A. Carroll, J. Corbo, M. P. Decowski, E. Garcia, N. George, K. Gulbrandsen, S. Gushue, C. Halliwell, J. Hamblen, C. Henderson, D. Hicks, D. J. HofmanB. Holzman, R. S. Hollis, R. Hołyński, A. Iordanova, E. Johnson, J. L. Kane, J. Katzy, N. Khan, W. Kucewicz, P. Kulinich, C. M. Kuo, W. T. Lin, S. Manly, D. McLeod, J. Michałowski, A. C. Mignerey, J. Mülmenstädt, R. Nouicer, A. Oiszewski, R. Pak, I. C. Park, H. Pernegger, M. Rafelski, M. Rbeiz, C. Reed, L. P. Remsberg, M. Reuter, C. Roland, G. Roland, L. Rosenberg, J. Sagerer, P. Sarin, P. Sawicki, W. Skulski, S. G. Steadman, P. Steinberg, G. S.F. Stephans, M. Stodulski, A. Sukhanov, J. L. Tang, R. Teng, A. Trzupek, C. Vale, G. J. Van Nieuwenhuizen, R. Verdier, B. Wadsworth, F. L.H. Wolfs, B. Wosiek, K. Woźniak, A. H. Wuosmaa, B. Wysłouch

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An overview of results for interactions of Au+Au ions at centre-of-mass energies of √sNN = 56, 130 and 200 GeV obtained by the PHOBOS collaboration at RHIC is given. Measurements of primary charged particle density near mid-rapidity indicate that particle production grows logarithmically with collision energy and faster than linearly with the number of interacting nucleons, Elliptic flow is found to be much stronger at RHIC than at SPS energy. The effect is strongest in peripheral events and decreases for more central collisions and emission angles |η| > 1. The measured anti-particle to particle ratios of production rates for pions, kaons and protons in central Au+Au interactions at √sNN = 130 GeV are compatible with the statistical model of particle production, showing an increasingly baryon-free region in mid-rapidity with the increase of collision energy.

頁(從 - 到)1801-1807
期刊Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2002


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