Ordinary polarized phase conjugator using the photovoltaic effect

Hon Fai Yau, Hong Chang Kung, Hsiao Yi Lee, Ching Cherng Sun, Tzu Chiang Chen, Chi Ching Chang, Yuh Ping Tong, Junewen Chen

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Self-pumped phase conjugators so far always work with extraordinary (e) polarized light waves. Theoretical analysis however has pointed out that the e-polarized waves and ordinary (o) polarized waves could be coupled together via the circular photovoltaic effect. We report here an experimental realization of this theoretical prediction and present an o-polarized conjugator. The core element of this setup is a 0°-cut undoped BaTiO3 crystal, which is aligned in a Cat-conjugator architecture with respect to an incident beam of e-polarized waves. Simultaneously we shine a beam of o-polarized waves on the crystal. Upon the appearance of the e-conjugate waves, we also observed the o-conjugate waves. The resolution of this ordinary polarized phase conjugator is comparable to that of the prevailing e-waves conjugators.

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期刊Optics Communications
出版狀態已出版 - 1 10月 2000


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