Ontology-based knowledge management for joint venture projects

Kuo Cheng Ku, Anthony Wensley, Hsing Pei Kao

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When enterprises engage in strategic joint venture projects, communication, knowledge sharing and management issues are inevitable and complex problems. Problems relating to communication, knowledge sharing and management issues generally occur in more than one phase of joint venture projects and involve various different domains. This study reviews issues related to knowledge management in the context of joint ventures (JV) from both macro and micro perspectives by using an ontology-based approach to analyze complex knowledge management (KM) issues in the context of the Integrated Circuit (IC) industry. This study presents a framework for an ontology-based model to analyze the knowledge management processing of joint ventures in the IC industry, and uses the IC foundry industry as an example to explore implementation issues. This framework uses a conceptual enterprise ontology (EO) model and domains of EO to analyze the process of EO. Moreover, data from the IC foundry industry is used as a case study. This study aimed to assist managers in increasing the possibility of success in dealing with complicated JV projects.

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期刊Expert Systems with Applications
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2008


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