OGHAM: On-demand global hosts for mobile ad-hoc multicast services

Chia Cheng Hu, Eric Hsiao Kuang Wu, Gen Huey Chen

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Recent advances in pervasive computing and wireless technologies have enabled novel multicast services anywhere, anytime, such as mobile auctions, advertisement, and e-coupons. Routing/multicast protocols in large-scale ad-hoc networks adopt two-tier infrastructures to accommodate the effectiveness of the flooding scheme and the efficiency of the tree-based scheme. In these protocols, hosts with a maximal number of neighbors are chosen as backbone hosts (BHs) to forward packets. Most likely, these BHs will be traffic concentrations or bottlenecks of the network and spend significant amount of time forwarding packets. In this paper, a distinct strategy is proposed for constructing a two-tier infrastructure in a large-scale ad-hoc network. Hosts with a minimal number of hops to the other hosts rather than those with a maximal number of neighbors will be adopted as BHs in order to obtain shorter multicast routes. The problem of determining BHs can be formulated with linear programming. BHs thus found have the advantages of shorter relay and less concentration. Besides, BHs are selected on-demand and can be globally reused for different multicast groups without flooding again. Simulation results show that the proposed protocol has shorter transmission latency, fewer control/data packets and higher receiving data packet ratios than other existing multicast protocols. Besides, the two-tier infrastructure constructed by the proposed protocol is more stable.

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期刊Ad Hoc Networks
出版狀態已出版 - 11月 2006


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